Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I ever started what I finished...

...maybe I'd have accomplished something and people might actually check out my blog. So, here's yet another story I've spent years working on but never completed. I got lost in the hundreds of ways I could tell the first 5-10 pages of the story and never got around to finishing it because it's more interesting for me to play with storytelling options and see how they affect the emotion of the story than it was to actually commit myself to one way of telling the story. I guess I should go in to storyboards as I seem to prefer the laying out of the story to the actual drudgery of drawing it. So, here's some roughs for when I was going to do this story as a mini-comic which for some reason I never followed up on after completing these pages.


  1. Maybe you should go with it, and create it in all the ways you've thought about. After all, if cover variants can drive sales, what about if the insides are different? The reader never knows how many variants there are, and can keep purchasing until he finds the story he likes.

  2. What you need is a bottle-of-scotch-in-the-bottom-drawer editor who will kick you in the ass instead of that pussy I hired.


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