Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look at my Man Thing!

My business partner, Jim, suggested a while back I post more sketches and art. Since most of my news and opinion blogging is taking place at the official Red Flag Publishing web site, I figure this makes even more sense.

The Marvel comics character Man-Thing has a special place in my heart. Not only do I like the innuendo inherent in the name (in fact it sounds like something you'd read in one of those spam emails) but also the only comic that has ever made me terrified was an early issue of the Man-Thing series from the 1970s. A girl in my 5th grade class gave me an old beat up issue of Man-Thing where the spirit of an old woman takes the shape of a red cloud and chases after her husband and his hunting dog. For some reason it scared me shitless and I've always wished more comics were able to have that effect on me. So, here it is: Whosoever Knows Fear, Burns at the Touch of the Man-Thing!