Friday, March 06, 2009

I think she's dead

Tried firing up the scanner earlier this week to post another drawing but it wouldn't respond. Dead. So, I had to take a pic of my sketchpad with my digital camera. It took a few tries and I still couldn't do without the flash which created a reflection on some of the ink lines which actually made them sort of hollow. So, I had to work a bit more to clean up the initial drawing.

I used a Photoshop watercolor-style brush to help keep the drawing loose and keep me from being tempted to try to fully render it. Also, I've been wanting to play around with a coloring style that's a lot looser than the more rendered stuff I've posted recently.

I just got a card at my local small town library. Looking around, I saw a nice fat tome of fashion history. I'd always wanted to research fashion periods and learn a but more about different styles so I could incorporate them into my work when needed.

The style depicted here is from the Directoire period which came after the French Revolution. A group of leading taste-makers were called the Incroyables and took to wearing more daring fashions after a period of subdued styles.

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