Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Work on a day off

So, as I posted last time around I now have Mondays off of the day job. I spent most of the day trying to ignore the Internet while working in Photoshop. Mostly, I scanned old drawings and worked on a couple of them, trying to improve my coloring techniques which I've never been happy with. I also worked on a logo for a friend I can't show yet and most of the drawings I worked on ended up being for the Secret Room blog (*must be 18 to enter) where I post my more adult-oriented glamour girl art and dirty drawings.

All in all my first Monday off was a good day. I tried to divide my time equally between various projects, including getting some housework done (so the wife doesn't pressure me to find a part time job- the hard part will be making sure I work enough hours the other days to keep my paychecks roughly equal to what they are now) while also working on enough art projects that I feel I actually accomplished something. I've got to make sure I actually accomplish stuff at home on my day off and don't get sucked into some on-line game or Twitter or something equally useless and time-wasting.

Then again, I can't put too much pressure on myself and expect to get 100 pages of comics drawn or something equally ridiculous. I did want to spend more time actually drawing than I ended up. I have a bad habit of playing around with too many layers and layer options and textures and backgrounds, etc. once I get a drawing into Photoshop. I end up over-working stuff that was essentially a sketch or character study.

So, my plan is to spend the first couple weeks acclimating to my new schedule, blogging a bit more and trying to come up with a plan. I have so many projects in my head that I can't possibly get to them all. The hard part will be sorting them out, figuring out which are ready to go and which need more time and planning. I plan to pick a couple projects each week to push forward and keep rotating until I have an idea where everything stands and which seem the most possible, promising, and fruitful. In the meantime, enjoy a selection of old sketchbook stuff worked to death in Photoshop trying to add color so it doesn't look so bland on the web...

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