Thursday, August 16, 2012

A talk with Joe Willy

Ken at The Lottery Party asked to interview me a while back. I wasn't going to turn down an interview but I was definitely happy to do one with him since most interviews in comics seem to me like press releases rewritten with obvious "questions" that lead to pre-programmed answers that check off every marketing talking point one by one, but I knew with him it would be different. He's got a pretty interesting mind and there's not enough people in comics besides him with the ability to really lay out a good argument without resorting to some sort of hipster one-upsmanship of references in a comics dork version of Dennis Miller by way of Gary Groth. Anyway, I started connecting a bit with him on Twitter (his account has since been deleted for mysterious reasons). He runs a really amazing site which people should check out if they're into comics and fringe culture. He has a ton of reviews, interviews and in-depth discussions of culture and whatever else is in his head at any given time.

I was pretty candid with my answers and he surprised me with the quality of his questions. I think it made for a really great talk though I know will you charge me with having a bias. You can read the interview here.

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