Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buy this book while you can!

The second drop from Red Flag Publishing is now being hustled in pamphlet style. Available now for a limited time exclusively at the top secret and very exclusive comics buying club known as IndyPlanet

Red Flags vol. 2 brings with it three complete and shocking tales told in an anthology of traditional comic book genres- funny animal, crime and zombies. Sure to send waves of pleasure down your spine as you witness it's forbidden contents! History, propaganda and censorship, identity and reality, religion and ignorance, perversion and faith- NOTHING is off limits! Contents may be shocking and disturbing unless you are "hip to what's up on the scene."

New takes on horror comics: RED FLAGS. Consider this your last warning!

$3.99 • 32 pages • Heavy stock • 100% satisfaction assured • No refunds 
WARNING: Possession of this book may be a crime in some states,
municipalities or foreign countries (consult your legal counsel)

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