Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dave's back!

A while ago, my local comics shop, Apparitions, was robbed and the owner David Pirkola was shot in the attempt. The comics community stepped up to the plate when they heard what happened and that Dave, being a small business owner, did not have health insurance. Yes, America- best health care in the world if you can afford it and if you ignore all the other civilized countries (which have better outcomes while spending less and covering everyone), but I digress...

I just stopped there for the first time since the incident and happened to be there when Dave visited his shop for the first time since he got out of the hospital! He looked good considering all he'd been through. The other guys at the shop have even helped clean the place up and make it more open and hopefully safer! I don't much more than that but I wanted to let anyone know who was wondering.

By the way, don't forget to send a small donation to help Dave. In looking for the link to the iFanboy donation page, I also ran across a blog set up by the guys running Apparitions in Dave's absence which would be a good place to look for more info as well.

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