Saturday, September 01, 2007

The reviews are in!

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything here so I figured it would be best to catch up on old news and update with the reviews we got for our first effort in comics publishing. We got some nice reviews for our initial efforts:

Steve Saville at Silver Bullet Comics had this to say about Red Flags #1:
The narrative is well paced and shows promise. We have been invited to test the waters ... and I for one having got my feet wet am looking forward to diving in and swimming a length or two.
Professional comics writer Steven Grant gave thumbs up to Red Flags #1:

It's pretty good for someone just starting out. The stories hang together pretty well too: the first chapter of a kidnapping story with wider implications, and a vignette about a killer-by-assignment. Not bad for the price.
Broken Frontier's Tonya Crawford was also kind to Red Flags #1:
For their first steps into the world of comic books, James Hitchcock and Joe Willy show a great amount of promise; a strong grasp of story and an eye toward graphic pacing.

Steve Saville at Silver Bullet Comics was impressed with Literotica #1:
I was taken by surprise and was ultimately impressed and almost moved by the way the words worked in conjunction with the images to tell a powerful and sad story. In a Word: Unexpected

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